Saturday, July 23, 2005

Islamophobia or Aggravated Racism: Does it really matter?

This morning's Guardian article Islamophobia blamed for attack tells the story of Kamal Raza Butt, 48, from Pakistan who was accosted by nine British youths outside a shop in Nottingham. The youths reportedly called him 'Taliban' and demanded the cigarettes he had just purchased. When he refused he was beaten to death.

Wait, there are hairs still to be split.

The Muslim community is saying this is a case of Islamophobia. Now 'Islamophobia' is a term I can't find in my dictionary which skips right from 'Islamize' to 'island', despite an obvious need for the word since at least 1085 when Pope Urban II started preaching about the need for the First Crusade.

Meanwhile the police are insisting that the attack was merely racially aggravated, but had nothing to do with a growing unrest felt towards Muslims in England since the 7/7 bombings.

So was it a simple case of a racially aggravated murder or was the murder a result of Islamophobia; was it general racism or specific racism? Does it matter? One way or the other this was an attack born of racism; shouting 'Taliban' instead of 'wog' or 'nigger' suggests this attack could have something to do with the wars that England has participated in during the last four years.

But the police want the world to believe that this attack had nothing to do with anything outside of Nottingham.
"It is a localized incident and we are not looking at it as anything other than an isolated incident."

It's a lot like when Blair says connections between the Iraq War and the 7/7 Bombings are 'ridiculous' and the result of 'perverted logic' It's interesting that neither the Prime Minister nor his police forces are capable of seeing, or at least admitting, what's really going on.

At least they're keeping their stories straight.

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