Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Amnesty International supports Father Gerard Jean-Juste

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Did you hear the one about the Catholic priest who got attacked by a mob while leaving a funeral, then offered police protection, taken down to the stations and promptly charged with the murder of the man whose funeral he just attended; a murder that occurred while he was out of the country?

It's no joke. It's the latest chapter in Haiti's troubled political history. Father Jean-Juste is a strong supporter of Haiti's President-in-Exile, Jean Bertrand Aristide, a member of Aristide's Lavalas Family Party, and has said that many have asked him to run in Aristide's place.

Amnesty is calling for 'urgent action' and saying that Jean-Juste "...has been a target of government repression for some time". I'm sure that the US-backed interim government put in power by the UN after the US/French/Canadian peacekeeping invasion that followed Aristide's kidnapping by US Marines last February will be investigating these trumped up charges with all their power.

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