Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Worth Watching on Wednesday?

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Well Tuesday night in the States and probably Wednesday morning here in the sticks there should be some bona fide entertainment on television screens across the world. According to the morning papers , roughly 6 in 10 Americans are disillusioned with the 'conflict' in Iraq, so the 'unpresident' will go on TV in an attempt to shore up support.

There are even rumors of new evidence, as if any more was really needed. Will it be more top secret evidence like Bush brought to threaten the UN with, or more falsified evidence like Powell brought to the UN?

This might not be as good as the the United Nations Speech or the Mission Accomplished Speech, or the Fake Thanksgiving Turkey, or his various State of the Union speeches, but it should be funny. Black comedy, like black magic, is always stronger than the garden variety.

Blue suit with red tie, or military uniform? Wait and see.

Heckling? Well, he doesn't speak in front of civilians for less than 2000 a plate, so its at another army base, but who knows, those guys must have a breaking point.

So take the morning off work, cause they always edit out the funniest bits and most blatant lies in the re-runs, grab a beer and some popcorn and put the phone off the hook, it promises to be quite a morning. If you have a few moments read Tom Engelhardt's latest article called Down the Rabbit Hole for a little perspective.

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And have a nice day!

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