Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Michael Jackson is Free: Is it a Mandela or an Orenthal Moment?

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Well I'm always interested in posting a little good news, so here it is. Michael Jackson has been cleared of all of the charges against him, except the standard and obvious plastic surgery accusations. So is this a Mandela moment or an OJ one?

I don't think the trial was ever about Jackson. I think that he was a well chosen target because he's usually up to no good, doing creepy, weird things, and he's got lot's of money to make trials go a long time, and he's so famous that everyone will talk about it.

And I think that's just what the Bush administration needed in November 2003, when they were bogged down in an unwanted war that wasn't a cakewalk, the Iraqis didn't greet them with open arms, the Weapons of Mass Destruction weren't turning up anywhere, and people had stopped reacting to Ashcroft's orange alerts, and people were using the words 'quarmire' and 'IED' a little too often.

I remember that the first break in the war since the beginning of the invasion was that dozens of law enforcement agents had surrounded Neverland and they had a warrant. The CNN piece about the raid even has some gibberish about how the timing had nothing to do with Jackson's upcoming CD release.

Questions have been raised about whether the execution of the search warrants was timed to coincide with the music release.

Sneddon rejected that idea. "In fact, we were going to execute these warrants several weeks ago, but had to put it off" for operational reasons, he said.

"It really has nothing to do with his album or whatever else he's doing in his life."

Maybe CNN should have been asking who needed this stunt more, an aging popstar billionaire with some albums too sell or an aging fratboy with a few too many skeletons coming out of the closet?

So it definitely wasn't a Mandela moment, and it looks like Michael gets to join Orenthal, and a long list of Americans, both black and white, who were able to sucessfully elude the long arm of the law with the help of a few suitcases full of dead presidents.

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Anonymous said...

So who is the next superstar to outshine the ongoing war???