Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Forced Eradication and Children

Junior Gardener or Terrorist?
This image was originally posted at the Globe and Mail

This young boy is working in a poppy field in the Tirah Valley, Pakistan, not far from Peshawar, Afghanistan. How old do you think he is?

I wonder if he will still be standing there when the soldiers begin forced eradication of the opium poppies in that part of the world? Remember how well these techniques have worked in Columbia, and against the hill tribes in Thailand and Burma.

If you read about it in the US government's International Information Programs it all sounds quite reasonable, necessary, and justified, but it requires taking the article at face value, and it's hard to read when you're laughing and crying at the same time.

If the west was really worried about this problem, why did they blast to kingdom come the only government that's ever been able to control the poppy production problem? Oh yeah, it had to do with oil.

I wonder if the soldiers will see a little boy who should be in school, or a key member of an international narco-terrorist operation that supports the mythical terrorist king, Osame bin Laden.

What do they usually see?


Darryl said...

Who do you think is the biggest drug dealing organization in the world? Don't think Columbia, think Langley!
That's why they had to eliminate the Taliban. Look who's in charge there now and look where all the Heroin in the world comes from.

Sean Reilly said...

The War on Drugs has always been an excuse to allow governmments to sick soldiers upon the poor, domestically and internationally. The War on Terrorism is no different. Forced eradication programs aimed at destroying drug crops always end up killing peasant farmers.