Monday, June 13, 2005

Chinese Tobacco Authority Dispels Smoking Myths

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Saturday's Globe and Mail ran an article by Geoffrey York called, In China, cigarettes are a kind of miracle drug. It describes how in the largest market of smokers on the planet, 90% of them believe that smoking is either harmless or beneficial to their health. It's humourous in the same way that automobile accidents and fires sometimes are. You really have to read it for yourself but here are a couple of the highlights.

- Here's some exciting medical news from the Chinese government: Smoking is great for your health.

- And all those warnings about lung cancer? Nonsense.

- You're more likely to get cancer from cooking smoke than from your cigarette habit.

- "Quitting smoking would bring you misery, shortening your life."

- Even in China's medical community, 60 per cent of male doctors are smokers. Few are aware of the studies forecasting that cigarettes will soon be responsible for one-third of all premature deaths among Chinese men.

- While China has proclaimed that the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be a smoke-free Olympics, it has done little to discourage smoking.

- "Once I stopped smoking for a month or two. But my friends persuaded me to smoke again."

In Taiwan, however, the smoking situation is getting much more western in its outlook; people hardly ever smoke in elevators or bring babies into smoky bars anymore. Well, not as much.


Graham said...

Speaking of propagating and dispelling myths in China, have you seen the village pillaging in HeBei Province? Apparently, former farmland was being converted into public lands. The PRC government refused to pay the farmers for their land. This made the farmers 'bu gao.xing' and they refused to leave. So this opens a dialogue between the farmers' plight and Hu Jin Tao's gang of goons, right? Of course not. The government's plan instead was to hire gangsters and mercenaries to raid the village in medieval fashion, resulting in 48 dead and hundreds wounded. Footage of the carnage from a home video camera was broadcast on the afternoon news today. To top it off, if you search news for 'HeBei' it tells you of the scorching weather today, but nothing of the scorching peasants. Sick fucks...

Brian David Phillips said...

Sean, that's just plain idiocy . . . however, while I agree things are getting better here in Taiwan, there are still folks in the Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau or affilliated ridiculousness who would like us to believe the same nonsense. I put a link to this post over on my blog as well. Graham, that sucks too. An entirely depressing post. Nice blog, by the way, depressing post.

- Brian