Monday, May 23, 2005

Save the Environment: Use Your Head

This photo was taken in a Hong Kong Airport Washroom
I'm boarding a Dash 8 on the runway of Kinmen (Ginmen) Island, and thinking about a sign I saw in the Hong Kong Airport last month and sign I saw on the beach this morning, penis and breast implants and big, expensive cars.

The sign in Hong Kong said, 'Save the Environment, use less paper'. If I thought that I could save the environment this way, I would stop using paper altogether, write things on a slate and wipe my ass with those three little shells that Stallone couldn't figure out in 'Demolition Man'.

Frankly I don't think the amount of paper I use has any affect on the environment at all. It's like worrying about mosquitoes during a shitstorm, really.

One thing that I think might have positive affect on Our environment would be to get some of those big, luxury cars off the road; the SUV's that somehow magically avoided emissions regulations by being neither cars nor trucks, and I think I may have figured out how.

The Government of Taiwan (such as it is) could offer free penile or breast implants to anyone who feels they need to have an SUV on an island with a drivable area the size of Maryland, back lanes like goat tracks and about as much parking as a mini-mall.

Let's just cut out the middleman and send those folks right to their local plastic surgeon. This would have a far less devastating effect on the environmental and traffic situations in Taiwan and might even make the porn worth watching.

And as for the sign on Kinmen (Ginmen) Island? It was located on the cleanest beach I have ever seen in Taiwan. Beautiful sand and tranquil waters terraced with bushes and cactus with yellow flowers. I didn't see a single cigarette butt or crushed Taiwan Beer can. No garbage. There was nothing marring the natural beauty of this truly pristine spot.

How could the locals and the tourists have such respect for this beach that I have seen on no other beach that I have visited here? What does it take to get people to respect their environment? The sign simply said, in Chinese and English,'Danger Mines'.

This photo was taken on Kinmen Island, Taiwan.

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eee said...


I simply knew what you talked about. To save the environment will be everyone's responsibility on earth. Not only use less paper but also save any kinds of resources. We should rebuild our environment for our next generations. Let's use our head to protect from pollution!