Monday, May 16, 2005

Putin and Bush Boys Night

Bush drives Putin's 1965 Volga
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There were a lot of funny headlines and stories coming out of Russia last week but of course no one got the story straight. Elizabeth Bumiller's In Latvia, Bush Lectures Putin on the Joys of Democracy was one of my favourites especially the quote, "Stable, prosperous democracies are good neighbors, trading in freedom and posing no threat to anyone." which was partially true as he seemed to be addressing a room full of white Christians.

But the true comedy is to be found in Jeremy Page's Nobody's listening as Rice lectures Putin on power with lines like, "THE US Secretary of State challenged President Putin over his democratic record yesterday, saying he held too much power in his own hands and should loosen his grip over the media."


"Speaking in a live interview with Ekho Moskvy radio before meeting Mr Putin, Dr Rice criticized the enormous personal power that he has accumulated since taking office in 2000."


"There should not be so much concentration of power just in the presidency, there needs to be an independent media . . . So that the Russian people can debate and decide together the democratic future of Russia."

Hell, this was going to be a story about Dmitri, my man in Russia, telling me he had spotted George and Vlad down at the Hungry Duck ogling young strippers, and how Georgie got lost trying to drive them back to the Kremiln, but there's just no way for me to compete with the new humour section down at the Times.

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