Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Journalist's War: American Forces Shoot Another Cameraman

Not a cameraman.
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The US military's ongoing war on journalists, er, I mean terrorists continues. Yet another cameraman has been shot in Iraq for carrying a camera in a threatening way. Luckily they only winged this last one. Maybe they're going soft.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An Iraqi freelance cameraman who works for CBS News was shot and wounded on Tuesday in northern Iraq by U.S. troops who mistook his camera for a weapon, the U.S. military and CBS News said.

A year and half ago on August 16th, 2003, they shot and killed award winning cameraman Mazen Dana. Throughout the war US Forces have been treating cameraman and other journalists in a consistently murderous fashion that the world hasn't seen since, since... well since 'Nam.

When are they going to start making shoulder mounted cameras in neon day-glo colours? It had better be soon. Not that it would stop the cameraman killing spree but maybe, just once, we would hear the truth, "I just didn't want my mom to see pictures of me committing war crimes."

Well, who would?

I can't spot the difference. Can you?

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Not a cameraman.
This image originally posted at usatoday.com

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Comrade Daveskaya said...

An EXCELLENT point, comrade! That thing on his shoulder looks more like a hand cannon than the original RPG below it!