Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Grenade 'thrown at Bush' in Georgia

I found this excellent headline today. I was sure at first glance that Jimmy Carter was finally stepping back into the political arena. Wouldn't it do everyone's heart good to see Bush blown to bits on national TV and then see Jimmy emerge from the flames and smoke, grin his big southern grin and announce that, "Well shucks, enough was just enough."

Then I read on and remembered that headlines are designed to sell, not to inform. I was fairly disappointed when I found out that,

a) the grenade was a dud
b) it didn't even come close
c) it was the other Georgia

The Georgia where old Joe Stalin hails from: great food, but shitty explosives and apparently a dire need for a few good pitching coaches. Just when I thought the world was getting back on its feet, I realized it still has broken knees.

I do feel sorry for the poor bystander that got hit, standing their listening to this man who sounds like a buffoon no matter what language you speak, then a grenade hits you in the head and instead of deliverance all you get is a lousy goose egg.

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