Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dinosaurs in Eden?

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That's right kids, syphillis is now curable, but apparently brain syphillis is another story.

This morning as I was reading the paper I noticed that alongside the usual pack of lies was something new. I had come across Would you Adam 'n' Eve it... Dinosaurs in Eden which is about a new natural history museum that's opened up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas: The Museum of Earth History.

The museum is seeking to undo some of the damage done by that blasphemous 19th century troublemaker, Charlie Darwin, and get people back in line with the traditional (read: fundementalist) view that the Earth was created in six, twenty four hour days, six thousand years ago.

This is no laughing matter as Gallop surveys show that around 45 percent of Americans hold that the Earth was Created by God less than ten thousand years ago. George Bush has even been quoted as saying that, "The jury is still out on evolution." Sorry Charlie.

Now if you live too far from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to conveniently visit the Museum of Earth History, but you are still worried about your children falling under the bewitching charms of the evil misguided Darwinists, and their ilk, have no fear. There are countless sites on the net that can assist you in saving your child's immortal soul...

Check out Truth Quest's Truerassic Park "Children are guided through the six days of creation from Genesis chapter one, pointing out the flaws with evolutionary theories and emphasizing the reliability of God's Word." Only US$ 99.00 with a thirty day trial period!

And you have to go to the Creation Sensation Museum Store to believe it. Some available book titles include When Dragons' Hearts Were Good, the God Created Dinosaurs Stickerbook and of course, Jehovah's Park Versus Jurassic Park

Of course I have no problems with some of the things that these people want our children to believe. When I was a child we learned all about a time when dinosaurs and man walked the Earth in harmony. The characters weren't Adam and Eve though.

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