Monday, April 04, 2005

Prisoner Abuse Videos? Not again..

Is it 'contractors' at Abu Graib, or 'contractors' at that British run prison down near Basra? Afghanistan? Not Guantanamo again!?


Remember Donald Rumsfield got rid of prison abuse in the Coalition run prison system by banning the use of digital cameras within those facilities.

Well just when the see-no-evil methods were starting to work out so well, a different branch of the Empire's military forces have been found being less than discreet...

The American Corrections System. How embarrassing, I think its even under the jurisdiction of the American Courts, and everything.

However according to the BBC, it may not be where you want to send your child to summer camp this year. It appears that besides bloating in size like a pissed off puffer fish, it may also have a history of prisoner abuse, now out on video.

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