Monday, March 28, 2005

Under the Paschal Moon

Well, I just got back from four beautiful days down in Kenting, on the southern tip of Taiwan, where I was helping to run a Superhero Academy that saved the world from Super Otherworld Beings while you were all probably watching TV or having a shag. White sand beaches, blue skies, and plenty of Mohitos(see: Didi's) saw me through this onerous task. It was this mission, and not a lack of news, that has kept me from ranting.

On Thursday, the Taipei Times reported that a huge cat had attacked a man in a London suburb, "Initially dismissed by scientists as unlikely, evidence from pawprints and droppings has led many to conclude that a number of big cats, perhaps released into the wild from private zoos, are roaming the country." Like the semi-feral orangutans in Da Kung.

On Friday, AP reported that Sam Kimery from Oklahoma has invented the Fox Blocker, a device that blocks Fox News from your cable package.

And on Saturday around a million people marched through the streets of Taipei to protest China's new Anti-Secession law. Later that night the Paschal moon shone in the sky and signaled that Easter was on its way.

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travis said...

Ah, the Paschal Moon... Missed that, but didn't, as I think it was you (or one of the other super hero trainers) that pointed out the awesome moon flying over the beach that night. Glad I didn't miss it, as it was a BEAUT!