Sunday, January 23, 2005

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Church

The latest Gentle Rant Website spotlight focuses on the Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Church. Billy is none too happy about rampid consumerism. Apparently Starbucks is none too happy with the Reverend Billy. He has been forbidden to come within 250 yards of any and all Starbucks locations.

How is that humanly or physically possible given Starbucks habit of planting their stores on each and every corner and in every airport. Can you imagine the route you would have to take to get anywhere without going 250 yards from one of them. I don't think it would even be possible, anymore. You would have to live in a tree. Is the Reverend no longer able to travel because of the whims and whines of some corporation?

Does the Reverend let this slow him down in the least? Absolutely not. His site shows him Singing with Derrick in Hamburg, London; yelling at Bobbies, in New York; dancing with the choir at St Marks in the Bowery, getting yelled at by cops trying to steal his bullhorn, getting carried out of the Virgin Superstore, in Barcelona, California and speaking at the Unitarian church in Houston.

I'm hoping that one or two of my three regular readers will go to his site and get involved. Remember thats Reverend Billy and not the Reverend Billy Graham; who's a whole different kettle of fish.

And Graham's probably allowed to go to Starbucks.


Anonymous said...

I think you may need to check the code for the link. I can't seem to get it to work.

Big Ell

Anonymous said...

Rock and Roll Rev. Billy!!!