Wednesday, December 08, 2004

One gulp, and Bush was gone. by Sidney Blumenthal

Sidney Blumenthal wrote a piece on the inauguration of the Clinton Presidential Library, on November 25th. I don't know if he meant it to be so funny, but it was. The characterizations of Bush, Rove, Clinton, and the guides at the new library are priceless. I wonder if George ever used to try to blow out the candles on other kids birthday cakes?

Then, when the presidents were announced, Bush tried to push his way past Clinton at the library door to be first in line, against the already accepted protocol for the event, as though the walk to the platform was a contest for alpha male.

We get to hear Karl Rove sounding like Grigory Rasputin,
Offstage, beforehand, Rove and Bush had had their library tours. According to two eyewitnesses, Rove had shown keen interest in everything he saw, and asked questions, including about costs, obviously thinking about a future George W Bush library and legacy. "You're not such a scary guy," joked his guide. "Yes, I am," Rove replied. Walking away, he muttered deliberately and loudly: "I change constitutions, I put churches in schools ..."

An excellent paranoid little man quote,
Bush appeared distracted, and glanced repeatedly at his watch. When he stopped to gaze at the river, where secret service agents were stationed in boats, the guide said: "Usually, you might see some bass fishermen out there." Bush replied: "A submarine could take this place out."

And in the end we find out that the "president" is really a rude and ungracious, little dealbreaker,
Upon entering the tent, Bush, according to an eyewitness, told an aide: "One gulp and we're out of here." He had informed the Clintons he would stay through the lunch, but by the time Peres arose with wine glass in hand the president was gone.

Which is nothing we didn't already suspect. And the unbelievable thing is that he will be on the guest list for the next one. Despite his horrendous behavior, tradition would suggest that he will attend all future presidential library inaugurations for the duration of his life, or like in Reagan's case, his marbles. Unless someone manages to put him in prison, where he belongs.

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