Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hasselhoff/Coleman in 2008

There may be hope yet... After the bizarre and disturbing "re-election" of the Bush/Cheney team, the Democrats have quickly bounced back with their own dream team for 2008. That's right, the Hasselhoff/Coleman Campaign has just been announced. Beginning New Year's Day, 2005, this dynamic Democratic duo will be touring all 50 states in Kitt (pictured behind) who is rumoured to have already accepted the position of Secretary of State in 2009.
The Purple Mongol


Anonymous said...

I believe that your hopes for this dynamic duo have been dashed ever since hasslhoff got busted for drinking and driving last week. Also coleman is in a severe depression have lost to Arni

The wopman

Anonymous said...

Whatcha talkin bout Wopman,

Drunk driving charges have never stopped a politican. Ted Kennedy, Bush, Campbell and Klein(assumed)have all been pissed at the wheel and managed to win the faith of their electorate. Herr Hasselhoff will be no exception. Word on the street is that Mr. Coleman is merely taking time to reflect with Attorney General Todd Bridges and is getting ready to sue his family again for the millions needed to beat the Republicans in 2008.

Big Ell

Anonymous said...

And i suppose Kit will be secretary of defense